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Stop Demolition

Stop Demolition of Palestinian Community

UN special rapporteurs Balakrishnan Rajagopal and Michael Lynk, in a report on Tuesday, warned that an ongoing destruction campaign launched by the Zionist regime against the village of Humsa al-Bqaia is putting the homes and livelihoods of nearly 100 Palestinians at risk.
"The ongoing destruction by the Israeli military of the homes, and the destruction and seizure of property, including humanitarian assistance, in Humsa–Al Bqai’a has been causing great hardship to the approximately 60 villagers, including 35 children,” the special rapporteurs, who focus on human rights and adequate housing, said in Tuesday’s report.
Rajagopal and Lynk said that the Bedouin village, located in Area C of the occupied West Bank, depends upon its traditional homes, water tanks and animal herds for shelter, food security and economic livelihood.
"Severing the villagers from their lands and their homes is particularly punitive given the harsh winter they are experiencing and the ever-present dangers of a global pandemic,” said the experts.
The UN experts stressed that "the wanton destruction of property” and the forcible removal of an occupied population is only allowed under international law when rendered absolutely necessary by legitimate military operations. Even then, such displacement is only legal for temporary periods of time until hostilities have ceased, they continued.  
"There are no active military hostilities in the occupied West Bank, and have not been for many years,” Tuesday’s report highlighted.
The UN report came a day after more than 400 European parliamentarians called on foreign ministers of their countries to stop the Zionist regime’s "de facto annexation” of the West Bank and end "the isolation of Gaza” in a joint letter.
The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas hailed the move by EU lawmakers to slam the Zionist regime’s violations by the letter sent to EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell.
In a Tuesday statement released on the official website of the movement, Hamas said: "We welcome the joint letter sent by 422 EU lawmakers from 22 European states and various political parties, ... as they criticized the Israeli policies in the occupied Palestinian territories, foremost among them Israeli settlement plans, land seizure, home demolitions, forceful displacement of the Palestinians and the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip.”
"This letter is a crucial step that should be followed by other steps to expose the aggressive Israeli policies against our Palestinian people,” the statement read.
Hamas, which runs the Gaza Strip since 2007, said this "should turn into action to put an end to the seven-decade Israeli occupation.”
The Zionist regime’s military demolished at least 227 Palestinian-owned properties in the occupied West Bank during the first seven weeks of 2021, displacing at least 367 people, including some 200 children, according to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA).
The latest numbers represent a near 185 percent increase in Palestinian structures targeted by the regime when compared to the previous year, while a 450 percent increase in the destruction of donor-funded structures has been documented.

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