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Religious Dialogue with Catholic Church of the Philippines
7th Round of Religious Dialogue of the Center for the Interreligious Dialogue and the Catholic Church of the Philippines -December 2020 Tehran
Ebrahimi Turkaman: Neglecting the spirit of religion and focusing only on the appearances of religion is the main cause of human restlessness
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Dialogue Between Islam And Buddhism
Interfaith Visions for the Humanitarian Future Dialogue Between Islam And Buddhism 2018
The seminar of Dialogue between Islam and Buddhism: Interfaith Visions for Humanity was held on March 15-16 in the Thai university Chulalongkorn and Heritage Hotel in Bangkok. The event was an initiative by the cultural attaché office of Irans embassy in Thailand, held in cooperation with Chulalongkorn University and some local Muslim groups.
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Cooperation between Muslims and Buddhists
ICRO Host Muslims-Bhuddists Dialogue
Iran and Sri Lanka
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