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Khayyams school of thought still inspiring globally

Persian poems by Omar Khayyam are still inspiring for the whole world because he has numerous fans around the globe and his quatrains formed a kind of global school of thought.


 Persian poems by Omar Khayyam are still inspiring for the whole world because he has numerous fans around the globe and his quatrains formed a kind of global school of thought.

Khayyam was an Iranian poet, philosopher, mathematician, polymathو and astronomer, who was born in Neyshabour, northeastern Iran.


The Iranian figure lived from 18 May 1048 to 4 December 1131 concurrent with the rule of the Seljuks.


He learned reciting the Holy Quran at the age of five and studied jurisprudence, hadith, interpretation, philosophy, wisdom, and astrology when he was just a teenager. To learn mathematics, astronomy and philosophy, young Omar traveled to Balkh, Isfahan, Bokhara, Marv and Baghdad, which was the hub for science and culture at that time.


Invited by Malek-Shah, he established an astronomy center and invented Jalali Calendar, which is a true solar calendar and still the most precise calendar of the world.


Iranian writers and researchers have attached great importance to Khayyam"s works, publishing at least eight articles and one book per year over the last 80 years - in total 530 articles and 87 books.


Ali Mir-Afzali, a literature researcher, told IRNA that the school of thought of Omar Khayyam is a prospering trend, which is globally renowned.


The impact of Khayyam"s school of thought spread to the current period, he noted, adding that certain contemporary poets are influenced by the school of thought.


Professor Ali Taslimi said that Khayyam"s quatrains provide the readers with the issue of time or human life, referring to the shortness of time, as well as the vastness of the quality of time; so, the thinking structure of the Iranian poet is based on quality and quantity of time.


Taslimi noted, Khayyam pays attention to existentialism, adding that Edward FitzGerald, the English poet, translated Khayyam"s poems into English Language; thus, his school of thought was presented to the world and it inspired thinkers such as German philosopher Martin Heidegger.


Iranian theater director Behrouz Gharibpour underlined that when Khayyam is compared to Pascal and Newton, it is obvious that the Iranian philosopher who lived four centuries before the European scientists, knew mathematics, and geometry to an extent that it seemed he was contemporary with them.


Khayyam could see and imagine the world beyond his era, Gharibpour said, noting that the Iranian celebrity enjoyed a multidimensional character; so, it is necessary to pay attention to his character when it comes to presenting his works.


The theater director has used Khayyam"s biography and quatrains to create a puppet show named Omar Khayyam Opera Puppet Show.


Iranian people commemorate the world renowned Persian poet Omar Khayyam on May 18, which is called Omar Khayyam Day in the Iranian calendar.

Tehran,  IRNA 


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