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Islamic Republic Day

Islamic Republic Day, a referendum granted real independence to the Iranian nation

 April 1, 1979 is a historic day, the results of the referendum were announced, with 98.2 percent of the public voting for the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In a landmark two-day referendum less than two months after the triumph of the Islamic Revolution on February 11, 1979, the referendum was held for the formation of the system of government in Iran on March 30 and 31 of the same year, more than 98.2 percent of eligible Iranians voted “yes” to the establishment of the Islamic Republic in the country.

The results of the referendum were announced on April 1 with over 98.2% votes in favor of the Islamic Republic system of government. This historical day came to be known as the "Islamic Republic Day" ever since.

Since then, the historic day of 1st April has been named "The Islamic Republic Day" (in Persian this is known as "Ruz e Jomhuri ye Esl?mi").

The Islamic Revolution, led by late Imam Khomeini (R.A), culminated in the overthrow of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and put an end to 2,500 years of monarchic rule in Iran.

As a matter of fact, April 1, represents genuine democracy in Islamic Iran __ a democracy which came about through the ballot box, through the votes of the Iranian people.

The 1st April referendum was based on the fundamental principle that the people should decide their own political future through the ballot box and institutionalized the idea that it is the peoples" votes that count and is the most important.

Imam Khomeini"s initiative to hold a referendum granted a very high status and credit to the Islamic Republic and this fateful move gave dignity, grandeur and real independence to the Iranian nation. In fact, this move internalized the authenticity of people"s votes in the early months of the emergence of the Islamic Revolution.

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