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Iranian Women’s Progress

Iranian Women’s Progress Indebted to Islamic Teachings

It is an undeniable fact that no other religion has granted women such extensive rights as Islam, with Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) himself emphasizing their role in society in accordance with the commandments of the Almighty Creator, Whose Infinite Wisdom brought both males and females into existence as harmonious counterparts to each other, based on their biological differences, for the purpose of virtuous procreation and moral and material progress.
This means it is against the nature of womanhood to be regarded as commercial and carnal commodities, as is the case in the spiritually-bankrupt western societies where feminine virtues continue to be degraded on pretext of freedom and holding of ‘International Women’s Day’ that is devoid of either faith in God or adherence to moral values.
Thanks to the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Iran was delivered from the decadence into which its urban society, especially a section of the city-dwelling women, had deceptively fallen because of the anti-Islamic and inhuman policies of the Pahlavi regime.
Today, women in Iran, clad in the freedom that Hijab grants to them for full involvement in social affairs in line with their delicate gender, are active in all spheres.
The level of education, literacy rates, and the percentage of women attending university have all increased dramatically, to the extent that 97 percent of Iranian women are literate, and more than 60 percent of university students are now female.
Never before have so many women been educated as journalists, doctors, scientists, lawyers, engineers, teachers, athletes, artists, and a variety of other respectable professions, as is evident over the past 42 years since the establishment of the Islamic Republic.
As a matter of fact, women in Iran have played a vital role during the events leading to the victory of the Islamic Revolution, during the 8-year war imposed by the US through Saddam in the 1980s and during the reconstruction era that followed.
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution on Monday, March 8 paid tribute to the selfless efforts of the Iranian women and their sacrifices, in his message to the officials of the National Congress in honour of 17,000 women martyrs, disabled war veterans and former prisoners of war.
Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said: "Women martyrs, disabled war veterans and former prisoners of war are a manifestation of one of the highest peaks of glory for the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic. The power of faith opened the path to great endeavors for Iranian women and it created amazing, unique scenes involving their courageous, self-sacrificing, creative presence in difficult arenas.”
He further noted that Iranian women displayed their valour behind the frontlines during the imposed war, emerging as heroes in battle by allowing their sons and husbands to embrace danger on the battlefields. They offered back-up support, being present in the fields of science, research and technology, shining brilliantly in the areas of literature and art, showing their talent in social, political and managerial areas, and finally, sacrificing themselves in the health services and rendering services to patients in the recent, very dangerous challenge [Coronavirus].”
Thus, as the Leader rightly remarked, the Iranian women’s spiritual growth is indebted to the Islamic government, Islamic teachings and Islamic values, since the power of faith opened the path of great endeavours before the Iranian women and enabled them to create "unique and awe-inspiring” scenes of courage, sacrifices and creativity at difficult junctures.
In short, contrary to the Western and Zionist propaganda, Iranian women are indeed the role model for many of their Muslim and non-Muslim counterparts living around the globe.

By: Kayhan Int’l

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