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Religious Dialogue with Catholic Church of the Philippines

7th Round of Religious Dialogue of the Center for the Interreligious Dialogue and the Catholic Church of the Philippines -December 2020 Tehran

The Head of the of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, in his speech at the seventh round of religious dialogue at the Center for the Interreligious Dialogue and the Catholic Church of the Philippines, titled "The Role of Religion in Human Health", said that neglecting the spirit of religion and concentrating only on its appearances are the main reason behind the of human uneasiness.

According to the Public Relations of the Organization of Islamic Culture and Communication (ICRO), Abuzar Ebrahimi Turkaman, President of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization in his speech at the 7th round of Interreligious dialogue between the Center for Interreligious Dialogue of the Organization of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization and the Filipino Catholic Church titled "The Role of Religion in Human Health" held under the chairmanship of this organization said religious dialogue with important religious figures and centers of the world and cultural dialogue with elites and important cultural and scientific centers of the world are two important approaches and policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran which is entrusted to ICRO.

 Referring to the topic of this round of talks at the time of global outbreak of Coronavirus disaster and the challenges and opportunities of religious dialogue and attention to health, he added that the greatest threat to human health is deprivation of peace of mind, which is a source of unease and crimes that It also undermines human health. Medical science has achieved relative success in ensuring the physical health of the man and increasing the average human life, but no matter how hard it has tried to ensure the health of the soul, it has not been able to increase the rate of mental injuries.

 Mr. Turkaman who is also a member of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution added soppose that if a person enjoys all the facilities and has a lot of wealth and can achieve everything that can be achieved as soon as possible, but can he also achieve peace and tranquility? The divine religions promise that peace arises in the light of faith, belief in God and obedience to divine commands. But why is there no such peace in human society today? Ebrahimi Turkaman also emphasized this is because the appearance of the religion and religious teachings are being focused and the spirit and essence of the religion in left unnoticed and neglected and such outlook leads to annihilation of the true meaning of the religion which is the source of salvation and wellbeing of mankind

 He said that neglecting of the spirit of religion and stopping at the appearances of religion, which can withstand various interpretations, as the main cause of human unhappiness and said if we consider morality and spirituality as the essence of religion, at this juncture, material manifestations have reduced man"s focus on the meaning and core of the universe, as well as the truth of existence. Because the basis of spirituality is based on focus. The head of the Islamic Culture and Relation Organization continued by saying that a person without concentration whose thoughts stop at the appearance of objects cannot delve into the core of the matter. The superficial man accepts everything in his physical appearance, but the semantic man turns to intuition, which is the work of the heart.

The Present Time is the age of superficial vision

 Ebrahimi Turkaman added that the present time, is the age of strengthening the superficial visions of human beings and the beauties of the world has turned his attention to himself, but not his real self, but an imaginary self he has made for himself. The member of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution said man loses his focus when he loses his temper, he appears trapped and will not find his way for salvation and happiness, properly. For a person who has distanced himself, reaches a point where he finds it difficult to grasp the truth and seizes everything, and even interprets religion and religious teachings in his virtual favor. In the same sense; Worldly values ​​replace unearthly world and spiritual values. Here the ignorance does not distinguish between a knowledgeable person and an ignorant one and there are lots of well-informed individuals are the victim of their ignorance. He added if the man become aware that he did not exist and his existence has been given to him by the creator, then he will not assume himself as an independent being and when he did not assume himself independent describes himself as a poor and impoverished being. The first thing that takes away from man is pride and arrogance, which is the source of many oppressions in the world, and here, his outward look, which saw himself as independent creature, becomes an inward and meaningful person and realizes that he is that without being connected to truth, he has ne reality of his own and this is exactly the time and entering the world of spirituality, and in the light of spirituality, gaining peace becomes possible. Ebrahimi Turkaman stated that spirituality is not like a medicine to be only needed by those who are sick, but it is like food that is necessary for every human being and every human being needs spirituality. Spiritual teachings are important, but if this teaching does not lead to belief and belief does not lead to action, the situation will be the same as it is in the world today.

He said that reminded spirituality can"t be taught, but it must be tasted by human beings, and tasting spirituality is the only work of those who have digested spirituality themselves. Training has two stages, from the speaker"s tongue to the listener"s ear and from the listener"s ear to his heart. From the beginning of human creation, the eloquent words in the form of poetry, prose and art have reached the human ear, but still to facilitate the passage of teachings through the ear and penetration into the heart, there are only a handful of ways. Of course, hearts need to be ready for acceptance first. The president of Islamic Culture and Relation Organization, Iranian philosopher and religious scholar in his famous book "Kimyaye Saadat" believes that negligence is a disease, and ailment cannot be cured by the patient because the one who is ignorant how can remedy his negligence? So, his cure is in the hands of scholars. The scholars are also the spiritual physicians of the society, and the good physician is that he does not always want the patient to be ill, but to lead him to health.

According to the announcement, at the beginning of the meeting, Morteza Sabouri, Iran"s Cultural Attaché to the Philippines, spoke briefly about the history of religious dialogue between the Center for interreligious and Cultural Dialogue of the of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization with the Philippine Catholic Church. In his opening remark he said that Muslim and Christian thinkers from Iran and the Philippines are to express their views in this webinar. In this ceremony, Hajj Islam Younesi, Advisor to the President, Mohammad Mehdi Taskhiri, Director of the center for  Interreligious and Culture calural dialogues  and Mohammad Hossein Niknam, Member of the Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences, Habibollah Babaei, Assistant Professor of the Institute of Islamic Sciences and Culture and Director of the Institute of Civilization and Social Studies and Baqer Talebi Darabi, a faculty member at the University of Religions and Beliefs from Iran, and Archbishop Pabillo, Acting President of the Church of Manila, Bernard Pantin, Secretary-General of the Philippine Catholic Bishops" Conference, and Bishop Edwin della Pena, Chairman of the Bishops" Conference on Religions

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