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AL-Quds Day

Review of Imam Khomeini perspective to International al-Quds Day

Imam Khomeini exposed the hidden relations between the Shah"s regime and Israel, and introduced Israel"s threat to the Islamic world very seriously and consistently. Imam Khomeini was the first source of imitation and a great religious leader who issued a permit to support Palestinian fighters from the place of religious funds, Zakat and Khoms. During the occupation of Jerusalem by the occupying regime from the very beginning, he introduced the Islamic aspect and the doctrinal dimension of the fight against Israel as the most effective way to mobilize the oppressed Palestinian nation and attract the support of the Islamic Ummah.

International Al-Quds Day

Over the years, I have warned Muslims of the danger of usurping Israel, which has now intensified its brutal attacks on the Palestinian brothers and sisters, and especially in southern Lebanon, with the aim of destroying Palestinian fighters, bombing their homes.
I call on all Muslims around the world and Islamic states to unite to cut off the hands of these usurpers and their supporters. And I invite all Muslims around the world to choose the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, which can be a determinant of the destiny of the Palestinian people, as "Quds Day", and during a ceremony to support the international solidarity of Muslims. Declare the legal rights of the Muslim people. I ask God Almighty for the victory of the Muslims over the disbelievers. (Sahifa Imam, vol. 9, pp. 267/16/5/58)
* * *
Al-Quds Day is the day of confrontation between the oppressed and the arrogant
 "Quds Day" is a global day. It is not a day dedicated only to Quds. It is the day of confrontation between the oppressed and the arrogant. It is a day of confrontation between nations that have been under the pressure of American and non-American oppression, in the face of superpowers. It is a day when the oppressed must be equipped against the arrogant, and the arrogant must be buried. It will be a day between the hypocrites and those who are committed. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. And the hypocrites - those who are familiar with the superpowers under the guise of friendship with Israel - are indifferent to this day, or do not allow the nations to demonstrate. Al-Quds Day is a day when the fate of the oppressed nations must be determined, the oppressed nations must declare their existence against the arrogant. As Iran rises up and rubs the arrogant nose on the ground and will rub it, all nations must rise up and throw these germs of corruption into the trash. Al-Quds Day is a day when the followers of the former regime in Iran, and the conspiracies of the corrupt regime and the superpowers in other places, especially in Lebanon, must know their duty. It is a day when we must make an effort to save Quds; And save the Lebanese brothers from these pressures. It is a day when we must get all the oppressed out of the hands of the arrogant. It is a day when the Muslim community must all declare their existence and warn the superpowers ...
Al-Quds Day is a day to warn these intellectuals who have relations with the United States and its agents under the curtain. Warning that if you do not stop prying, you will be suppressed! We gave them a deadline and we treated them kindly so that they might give up their mischief, and if they don"t, we will say the last word and we will let them know that the former regime is irreversible and that America can no longer rule here. And other superpowers can no longer rule in this country. Al-Quds Day is a day when you must warn all the superpowers that you must lift your hand from the oppressed and take your place.
Israel, the enemy of humanity, the enemy of man, who creates chaos every day and burns our brothers in southern Lebanon, must know that they will be isolated; Greed must be cut off, their hands must be cut off from all Islamic countries; Its agents must step aside in all Islamic countries. Al-Quds Day is the day to announce such a thing. The announcement is to the devils who want to abandon the nations of Islam, and bring the superpowers to the fore. Al-Quds Day is a day that will cut off their hopes; And warn them that the time is up.
Al-Quds Day is the day of Islam. Al-Quds Day is a day when Islam must be revived and revived, and the laws of Islam must be enforced in Islamic countries. Al-Quds Day is a day when we must warn all superpowers that Islam will no longer be under your control through your evil agents. Al-Quds Day is the day of the life of Islam. Muslims must come to their senses, they must understand the power that Muslims have; Material powers, spiritual powers. What should Muslims, who have a population of one billion and have the support of God, and Islam supports them, and whose faith supports them, be afraid of?
Let the governments of the world know that Islam will never fail. Islam and the teachings of the Qur"an must prevail over all countries. Religion must be the divine religion, Islam is the religion of God; And it must advance in all parts of Islam. Al-Quds Day is the announcement of such a thing, the announcement that Muslims are ahead! For progress in all parts of the world. Al-Quds Day is not just a Palestinian day, it is an Islamic day; It is the day of the Islamic government. It is a day that the Islamic Republic must raise its flag across all countries. It is a day that the superpowers must realize that they can no longer advance in Islamic countries.
I consider Quds Day to be the day of Islam and the day of the Holy Prophet, and it is a day when we must equip all our forces; And let the Muslims get out of the isolation they have been subjected to, and stand with all their might against the foreigners, and we stand against the foreigners with all our might, and we will not allow others to interfere in our country, and the Muslims should not be allowed. Let others intervene in their countries. On Quds Day, nations must warn governments that are traitors. Al-Quds Day is a day when we will understand which individuals and regimes agree with international conspirators and oppose Islam. Those who do not participate are against Islam, and agree with Israel. And those who took part are committed to Islam and opposed to the enemies of Islam - led by the United States and Israel. Day is the privilege of right from wrong, day is the separation of right and wrong.
I ask God Almighty to overcome Islam in all walks of life; Overcome the oppressed over all the arrogant. And I ask God Almighty to save our brothers in Palestine, in the south of Lebanon and in Lebanon, and wherever they are in the world, from the hands of the arrogant and the hands of the plunderers. (Sahifa Imam, p. 9, pp. 276 - 279/25/5/58)
* * *
Al-Quds Day, a beginig to the formation of the party of the oppressed
Al-Quds Day is an Islamic day, and it was a public Islamic mobilization. And I hope this is a prelude to a "party of the oppressed" all over the world. And I hope that there will be a party called the Party of the Oppressed all over the world, and that all the oppressed will join together, and that the problems facing the oppressed will be eliminated, and that the uprising against the arrogant and looters of the East and Let them go to the West and no longer allow the arrogant to oppress the oppressed of the world, and fulfill the call of Islam and the promise of Islam, which is the rule of the oppressed over the arrogant and the "inheritance of the land" for the oppressed. Until now, the oppressed have been divided, and nothing can be done with division. Now that an example of the bond between the oppressed has been realized in the lands of the Muslims, this example must be realized on a larger scale, in all walks of life, in the name of the "Party of the Oppressed," which is Hezbollah and in accordance with the will of God. And it is exalted that the oppressed should inherit the land. We call on all the oppressed of the world to join together in the "party of the oppressed", and to solve their own problems with the collective will of the public; And any issue that arises anywhere and in any nation can be resolved by the "Party of the Oppressed." (Sahifa Imam, vol. 9, pp. 280 - 281/27/5/58)
* * *
Keeping Quds Day alive
Gentlemen should pay attention, all Muslims should pay attention. Al-Quds Day is a day when all the nations of Islam should pay attention to each other and keep this day alive. If there is a commotion among all Muslim nations, on the last Friday of the holy month, which is Quds Day, all the nations will rise up - as they are now holding the same demonstrations, the same marches - this will be the prelude to, God willing, this corruptor. Let"s take them and get rid of them from the land of Islam. We are getting weaker, Muslims are getting weaker, nations are becoming neutral, they are rising up and moving, they are protesting about these things. When Israel sees that the nations are against each other, and the Egyptian government, which is with it, is a brother, and Iraq, which is a brother to them, when it sees these things, it takes a step forward. And you can be sure that if you relax, they will go as far as the Euphrates. They all call this their own property.
You have to stand firm against them and if the Muslims - the Muslim nations - stand against them, and if their governments want to oppose, they will punch them in the mouth as Iran punched Mohammad Reza in the mouth. Mohammad Reza was the strongest of all Muslim governments, and the most supportive of them all. However, our nation rose up and made Islam its own face, and shouted "Allah Akbar" and took this power from Between the other powers, and to the end, all the powers, if they are on top of each other, cannot harm such a nation. (Sahifa Imam, vol. 13, pp. 78 - 79/15/5/58)
* * *
Attending Prayers in Jerusalem
May God bless us to go and pray in Quds one day. I hope that Muslims will celebrate Quds Day and demonstrate in all Islamic countries, on Quds Day, on the last day of the holy month of Muharram, to have gatherings, to have circles, to have mosques, to shout in mosques. When a billion people shout, Israel cannot, it fears the same shout. If all the Muslims in the world now, who are about one billion, if everyone comes out of the house on the day of Quds, shouting "Death to America" ​​and "Death to Israel" and "Death to the Soviet Union", the same saying "Death "On the Soviet Union" brings them death. Their population is one billion, their reserves are so large that all governments need your reserves. However, they force you to be different, to disagree, and to take your reserves with us, and not to talk about any of them.
It is good for some non-Iranian nations to follow the example of Iran, our dear noble nation. It is good that some of these young people, who are in the United States, in the United Kingdom, in the West, and are protesting and standing in front of the police and chaining them, are shouting and trying to do the right thing. Let"s be a little more careful and learn from these young people who are shouting for Islam. And the nations are neutral, they are shouting for Islam, and we disagree here, and it is not fair. (Sahifa Imam, vol. 13, pp. 80 - 81/15/5/59)
* * *
People"s slogans on Quds Day
If on the day of Quds, all the nations had revolted and shouted, that stupid government could not have stopped shouting. A small crowd rises. If on the day of Quds on all Islamic countries, the nations all stand up and shout, they will win not only for Quds, but for all Islamic countries. We shouted at Mohammad Reza Khan. Do you think we fired? With a shout, with "Allah Akbar"! "Allah Akbar" was hit so hard on their brains that they lost themselves and fled. They left this country.
Muslims should shout, not think that shouting and chanting are useless. No, the slogan is useful, but if everyone shouts. My only cry is nothing. The shout of a neighborhood, a city is nothing. You see, the shouts that are now being raised from Iran are not limited to Tehran, Qom, Ahvaz. Once you see that the Revolutionary Guards are ordering the whole nation to go and say "Allah Akbar" on the rooftop tonight, everyone obeys. (Sahifa Imam, vol. 13, pp. 90/18/5/59)
* * *
Unity prayer in Quds
I hope that you dear ones who came from around will be successful for Al-Quds Day and that all Muslims will be successful, and God willing, one day all Muslims will be brothers and all the roots of corruption will be uprooted from all Muslim lands. Let it be uprooted from our Islamic country and, God willing, let us go together and pray for unity in Quds. (Sahifa Imam, vol. 13, pp. 92/18/5/59)
* * *
Internationa Quds Day message
 The last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan is Quds Day, and in the last decade of Ramadan, it is most likely the night of Qadr. It is a night whose revival is a divine tradition and its value is higher than the thousand months of the hypocrites. It is a night on which the destinies of the people are established. Al-Quds Day, which is adjacent to Laylat al-Qadr, needs to be revived among Muslims and the source of their awakening and awakening, and to come out of the neglects that have taken place throughout history, especially in recent centuries. Let the world be higher, and let the Muslims of the world base their destinies on their own power. On the night of Ghadr, Muslims, with their night of resurrection and prayers, are freed from the bondage of non-God Almighty, who are the demons of jinn and mankind, and become servants of God. The captivity and slavery of the great demons and superpowers has been abandoned and they have joined the power of God Almighty, cutting off the hands of the criminals of history from the lands of the oppressed and destroying their greed.
O Muslims of the world and the oppressed of the world, wake up and take your destiny. How long have you been sitting down with Washington or Moscow? How long will your Quds have to be trampled under the trash can of usurped Israel? How long will the land of Jerusalem, Palestine, Lebanon and the oppressed Muslims of that land be under the domination of criminals and you will be a spectator, and some of your traitorous rulers will set them on fire? How long will the nearly one billion Muslims in the world and the nearly one hundred million Arabs with vast countries and endless resources witness the looting of East and West and their inhumane oppression and massacres and their waste? How long will they endure the horrible crimes against the brothers in Afghanistan and Lebanon and not answer their calls? How long, instead of confronting the enemies of Islam and saving Jerusalem from the hot weapon and military and divine power, how much time will be wasted on political work and compromise with the superpowers, giving Israel a period of relentless crime and witnessing massacres? Don"t the leaders of the people know and have not seen that political negotiations with powerful politicians and criminals of history will not save Jerusalem, Palestine and Lebanon, and that crime and oppression will increase every day?
In order to liberate Quds, we must use machine guns based on the faith and power of Islam and put aside political games that smell of compromise and keep the superpowers satisfied. Muslim nations, especially the Palestinian and Lebanese nations, must punish those who spend time with political maneuvers and not go under the burden of political games that result in nothing but harm to the oppressed nation. How long will the false myths of the East and the West enchant the powerful Muslims and the propaganda trumpets between the empty ones frighten them? ...
Today, Iran is moving towards final construction, despite foreign trumpets and American and Zionist propaganda devices and slaps from the revolution, and this is a lesson for the Islamic countries and the oppressed of the world to find their Islamic power and from the chariots of East and West. And their relatives and scum should not be afraid, and by relying on God Almighty and relying on the power of Islam and faith, they should stop and cut off the hands of criminals from their countries and make the liberation of Holy Quds and Palestine the headline of their program. Take off your skirt and keep Quds Day alive. It is hoped that by keeping this day alive, indifference will be eliminated and negligence will be eliminated. And with the uprising of the noble nations, some traitorous leaders who, in spite of Muslims and Islam, go hand in hand with Israel and continue to live their disgraceful political life and their criminal life, contrary to the interests of the United States. Bury history cemetery. The usurping rulers who take the side of the infidels in the war between infidels such as Israel and Saddam with the Muslims and inflict blows on Islam and the Muslims must leave the court of Islam and be removed from the rule of the Muslims. (Sahifa Imam, vol. 15, pp. 59 - 61/10/5/60)
* * *
Al-Quds Day, the day of the oppressed
 The nation, the government, the parliament, the army and other armed forces of Iran, which today are united with Islamic unity and divine cohesion, are determined to stand against any evil power that violates human rights and defend the oppressed, until Quds and Palestine return to Muslims should support Lebanon and Jerusalem. The Muslims of the world should consider Quds Day as the day of all Muslims, but also the oppressed, and stand against the arrogant and the world-eaters from that critical point, and do not give up until the oppressed are freed from the oppression of the powerful. (Sahifa Imam, vol. 15, pp. 62/10/5/60)
* * *
The duty of the nations on Al-Quds Day
The task of nations on the eve of Quds Day and the anniversary of the great martyrdom of human history in human history is to seriously ask their governments in their gatherings and marches to confront the United States and Israel with military power and oil weapons, and if they do not listen, They confirmed the criminal Israel, which threatens the entire region, even the two holy shrines, and now the depth of its demands has become clear, forcing them to act with pressure, strikes and threats. While Islam and its holy places are threatened with aggression, no Muslim can be indifferent to it. And what the governments of the region are doing at a time when Israel has aggressively invaded Muslim lands and killed innocent and helpless Muslims is nothing but a meaningless and compromising statement. And even more tragic is the fact that Israel is taking refuge in the United States, the main criminal. And in fact, they turn from the fear of snakes to dragons, and with the tools to deal with them, they are not willing to use a harsh word or a threat. And in this situation, everyone must be ready to disappear and give in to any humiliation during their life. (Sahifa Imam, vol. 16, pp. 381/25/4/61)

Source: Palestine from Imam Khomeini"s point of view

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