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Ten-Day Dawn

Ten-Day Dawn Enters 42nd Year

12th of the Iranian month of Bahman (February 1), the nation marked the start of the Ten-Day-Dawn in remembrance of the memorable return home of their beloved leader, Imam Khomeini (RA), in 1979 from 15 years of exile and the resounding triumph ten days later of the Islamic Revolution that threw into the dustbin of history the British-installed and the U.S.-backed Pahlavi Shah, and along with him over a quarter century of American hegemony over Iran.
Today, as Islamic Iran is all prepared to mark the 41st anniversary of the victory of the grassroots movement and enter into its 42nd year, proud of its astounding achievements in almost all fields ranging from stem cell technology to the nuclear fuel cycle and aerospace to the ballistic defence system in the face of four decades of illegal sanctions and economic terrorism, the U.S. continues to wring its hands in frustration at the impending end of its undue influence in the whole region.
We all remember how millions of Iranians had converged on the streets of Tehran leading to Mehrabad Airport in 1979 to catch a glimpse of the Father of the Islamic Revolution, spreading roses in the path of his motorcade as it moved slowly towards the Behesht-e Cemetery, from where he preferred to address the nation.
The words of the Sage of the Age from the abode of the seemingly dead to the ears of the apparently alive continue to reverberate till this day, transcending the time zone and inspiring the second and third generations of Iranians, whose devotion, coupled with their millions-strong presence whenever circumstances require, are firm proofs of the durability and universality of his thoughts.
He spoke with conviction and succeeded in establishing the uniquely popular religious system of government in Iran which is now a role model for most of the people of the region, as is evident by his portraits the public displays from Africa to Central Asia and throughout the Subcontinent, as well as in the West, to the chagrin of the Great Satan whose forty years of intricate plots have all come to a naught, including the 8-year war imposed through Saddam and the terrorist bid to seize Iraq and Syria.

Even the recent cowardly killing of General Qassem Soleimani by the terrorist Donald Trump has badly boomeranged on the U.S., shattering its myth of military invincibility as the devastated Ain al-Assad base holds testimony, and endearing the martyred commander to all freedom-loving people who gathered in millions not just in the cities of Iran to pay him tribute, but also turned out in hundreds of thousands in neighbouring Iraq, as well as in Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and other countries.
The fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran is the mainstay in the region and beyond, and has exposed hypocrites and terrorists, including the U.S. president, as Godless cowards, is due to the foresight of Imam Khomeini who lived and breathed Islam and left no stone unturned in fostering Shi’ite-Sunni solidarity through the Islamic Unity Week on the Prophet’s birthday and mobilizing the Ummah for the cherished goal of liberating Palestine and Islam’s first Qibla, Bayt al-Moqaddas, from the yoke of the despicable Zionists.

He predicted the end of communism, and it is no more. He foretold the eventual collapse of capitalism, and it is on its last legs. He prophesied the weeding out of the cancerous tumour called the Zionist entity, and its death throes are evident for all despite the vain bid by Trump and his criminal clique to save tottering Israel through the self-defeatist ‘conspiracy of the century’.
Washington is indeed at the end of its wit. It is bewildered. Its threats, theatrics, and tweets to the few traitors to indulge in violence and vandalism, have miserably failed. Even the rubbish films produced by pro-Zionist Hollywood as part of the US-Israeli policy of Iranophobia and Islamophobia, have met with failure.

According to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the multiplicity of U.S. threats show the power of the Islamic system, for; if the Islamic Republic did not enjoy high power and influence, the ill-wishers of the Iranian nation would not embark on futile efforts.
It is the grassroots support of the people that makes the Islamic Revolution indomitable, because a light which has a Divine Source, in accordance with the holy Qur’an and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and his Infallible Ahl al-Bayt, cannot be extinguished
No wonder, Imam Khomeini had remarked: "Our Revolution was explosion of light.”

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