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10th Intl. Conference on Persian language promotion

10th Intl. Conference on Persian language promotion opens

TEHRAN, Aug. 26 (MNA) – The 10th International Conference on the Promotion of Persian Language and Literature began today.

In the opening ceremony of this gathering, the head of Mohaghes Ardabili University deemed Persian language and literature a bridge which has connected several countries together.

Stressing that Islam as our faith has created the most profound brotherhood among people, Goudarz Sadeghi added that, “Persian language has also set the ground for integration of minorities in the country.”

He mentioned that maintaining and protecting Persian language as one aspect of identity is everyone’s duty and stressed that, “the destruction and weakening of our national language would be a prelude to an attack on our country as a whole.”

“UNESCO has announced that the elimination of a language in not less disastrous than extinction of plant or animal species,” noted Sadeghi.

Suggesting that similar conferences require a specialized panel for other Iranian languages and cultures he continued, “we need to make an effort to revive our language exactly as the West has protected its language.”

Sadeghi further asserted that negligence has caused a gradual decline in the functionality of Persian language and that we should stop this process to make the language up-to-date and immune to damage.

“As an Iranian, it is our duty to protect our language regardless of the language we speak and even those who do not speak Farsi have the obligation to support this language,” concluded Sadeghi.

The event is attended by representatives from Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India and is organized in association with the Center for Promotion of Persian Language and Literature.

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