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Film Festival
Resistance International Film Festival
16th Resistance International Film Festival September 21st - 27th and November 21st - 27th, 2020
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Hajj Message
The Islamic nation’s cry for unity should fall on the heads of the US & its chained dog, the Zionist regime
Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, on the occasion of the arrival of Hajj season. In the message, His Eminence points to the inability of many Muslims to participate in this year’s hajj ceremony due to the coronavirus restrictions and expresses his hope that they will conduct a safe and blessed hajj pilgrimage in the near future.
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Islamophobia - What Is in A Name?
The term “Islamophobia” is understood to be the hatred of Islam and Muslims and has come to the forefront in the last several decades.
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The Hajj Pilgrimage from Imam Khomeinis Point of View
Revival of religious thought is regarded as one of the most important concerns of His Eminence Imam Khomeini (s) in the Islamic movement of the 1970s and prior to it. From the beginning of his intellectual, social and political life, he considered the primary objective to be the need to explain the true Islam and rid it of its trappings of ignorance, rigidity and superstition.
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Leader Opinion
The world of Western liberal democracy is preoccupied with crises
The Supreme Leader introduced the ideal of the Islamic Revolution in one expression as the “Islamic Society” and described its characteristics . He went on to point out the great gap between Western liberal democracy in the world today and the crises that have afflicted them.
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Realities in Iran
US religious freedom reports: From facts to realities in Iran
The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) puts Iran among the worst countries in terms of religious freedom, while facts and American media say otherwise; Jews, Christians, and Sunni Muslims enjoy relative freedom in the country.
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Iranian Art
Persian rug, the king of rugs
Of all the things that are Persian, perhaps the most popular one is a Persian rug.
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