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Message to the Students’ Associations in Europe.
Today’s events reflect the emergence of a unique phenomenon in the world
Imam Khamenei issued a message to the 54th meeting of the Union of Islamic Students’ Associations in Europe.
 10:18 - 26/01/2020 - Comments : 0More >>
Iranian Art
Iran Unveils New Miniature Paintings by Master Mahmoud Farshchian
Two new miniature paintings by world-renowned Iranian artist Mahmoud Farshchian have been unveiled in the Iranian capital, Tehran.
 13:20 - 24/01/2020 - Comments : 0More >>
Iranian Art
Iranian miniature is a traditional style of painting that is detailed, colorful and small in size, often representing a mythological or religious theme
 09:36 - 23/01/2020 - Comments : 0More >>
Axis of the Resistance
How Are Iran and the “Axis of the Resistance” Affected by the US Assassination of Soleimani?
A high-ranking source within this “Axis of the Resistance” said “Sardar Soleimani was the direct and fast track link between the partners of Iran and the Leader of the Revolution Sayyed Ali Khamenei.
 21:49 - 22/01/2020 - Comments : 0More >>
Iran Great
Iran is Indeed Great Again
In a clumsy response to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution’s memorable Friday Prayer Sermons in which the terrorist U.S. president was dubbed a buffoon whose claim of standing beside the Iranian people only betrays his intent to stab them in the heart .
 15:49 - 20/01/2020 - Comments : 0More >>
islamic architecture
Beauty of Iranian Mosque Ceilings
Mosques are known for the breathtaking interior art that’s contained within their walls.
 11:45 - 17/01/2020 - Comments : 0More >>
What is our duty
What is our duty after the assassination of Lt. Gen Soleimani?
An important and noteworthy point concerns our responsibility in the present time. After all, an important incident has occurred.
 11:30 - 17/01/2020 - Comments : 0More >>

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