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Tehran International Book Fair 2020
Tehran International Book Fair is a large annual book fair. A first edition of the international cultural event was held in 1988. The first edition of the international book fair was staged with 16 thousands titles of book on show. The cultural event has turned into a landmark, momentous book fair in Middle East and Asia after 32 editions in a row.
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Virtual visit
Time museum Tehran
Travel in the Time! If you are interested in antique watches, this museum in a beautiful historic house from the Qajar era will appeal to you.
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International Conference
International Conference on “the Holy Koran in Imam Khomeinis Thoughts and lifestyle
The Second International Quran Conference on Imam Khomeinis Viewpoint and Practice with Ethics and Consensus Approach by the Vice President of the Quran and Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in collaboration with the Imam Khomeini Institute of Regulation and Publication and with the participation of educational institutions, scientific and educational institutions will be hold
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Real Support
Iran’s support for Palestine ‘a matter of faith’
A senior member of Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement said the martyrdom of General Soleimani indicated that Irans support for Palestine and the ideals of the Palestinian people is not political hypocrisy but a firm belief.
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Virtual visit
Virtual visit of National Museum of Iran
National Museum of Iran is one of the best places in Iran especially for foreigners.
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Better understanding of the US?
Which books should we read to gain a better understanding of the US?
In his televised speech on the birthday anniversaries of the Holy Prophet of Islam and Imam Sadiq delivered on November 3, 2020, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to many books which have been written inside the US and which speak of the US’s decline
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Ask your President
Why is insulting the Prophet of Islam permissible, but doubting the Holocaust is a crime?
Following recent flagrant insults to the Holy Prophet of Islam in France, the strong support of the French President, Imam Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, has raised important questions in a message to the French youth.
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