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Soleimani ; Beloved by Yemen

Soleimani ; Beloved by Yemen and a Symbol of Support for the Oppressed

For Yemenis, martyr Qasem Soleimani "represents one of the symbols of the resistance against every colonizer, invader, and oppressor." That is according to the advisor to the head of the Supreme Political Council in Yemen, Mr. Abdul-Ilah Muhammad Hajar.

In an interview with Al-Ahed News, Hajar said that "martyr Qasem Soleimani gave himself to God for the sake of the first cause in the Arab and Islamic world, the Palestinian cause, which is the focus of the struggle to recover the Al-Aqsa Mosque, restore the Palestinian and Arab lands, and return the Palestinian people to their land."

Hajar says that Palestine was always part of Leader Soleimani’s sentiments.

"The martyr had an effective and important role in supporting the Palestinian resistance and transforming it from an oppressed stone-throwing resistance into one that possesses strength, determination, and the will to confront the Zionists with deadly weapons. This forced the enemy to take it into account and enabled the Palestinian resistance to fight the battle of liberation alongside the construction battle."

The advisor to the head of the Supreme Political Council in Yemen also touched on the issue of the hypocritical Arabs.

“The martyr, through his jihad, struggle, and sacrifice, refuted all the claims by the hypocritical Arabs and friends of the Jews about Iran. He proved that Islamic Iran is a shield and a victory for all Muslims and those oppressed in the world and that it is sailing the ship of deliverance in the seas of American-Zionist oppression and authoritarianism. Iran bears the consequences of all this, sacrificing all that is dear and precious under an unjust international blockade.”

Hajar testifies that martyr Soleimani was “present in all the battles of pride and dignity against the enemies of the Islamic nation, including Al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq, which are the tools of America and ‘Israel’ in the region. He contributed his jihadist military expertise, Haidari wit in spreading knowledge, military science, literature, and high Islamic morals which was the arrow that pierced the Wahhabi takfiri thought. The martyr and the Revolutionary Guard supported Hezbollah in Lebanon, which dealt the Zionist enemy defeat and humiliation. It, thus, became the most solid force in the Middle East, terrorizing the enemies of God who want evil for the Islamic nation."

As for Yemen, which is going through its sixth year of steadfastness, patience, jihad, and struggle under an unjust aggression and siege, Soleimani was and is still present in the memory of the Yemeni people who organized mass demonstrations to salute his memory and declare their loyalty to God, His Messenger, and the believers. This people confirm their journey on the path of the free martyrs, resisting the oppressors and aggressors, and supporting all those who follow the path of the martyr.

The advisor to the head of the Supreme Political Council in Yemen concludes by saying, “The days that followed his martyrdom confirmed that the American-‘Israeli’ enemy did not achieve anything except shame, humiliation, and defeat on all fronts of jihad. His martyrdom stoked the spirit of resistance in the hearts of the believing youth and planted horror and humiliation in the hearts of the enemies of Islam, who rushed to please their masters and normalize ties with the Zionist entity. The murderer Trump was defeated. He believed that by killing the martyr, he would secure a second term. Allah is Greater, Death to America, Death to ‘Israel’, Curse on the Jews, Victory to Islam.”

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