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4th November 1979

Day of the Devil’s Decisive Defeat

 4th November is the 40th anniversary of the historic 13th of the Iranian month of Aban, corresponding to November 4, is indeed a glorious day that makes every true-blue Iranian proud of the spectacular capture of the U.S. Den of Spies in Tehran by a group of revolutionary students who exposed to the whole world that what the Americans called their "embassy” in the Iranian capital, was not a diplomatic mission but the main centre of espionage against the entire Central-West Asia region even covering Egypt in North Africa.
No wonder, the Father of the Islamic Revolution had hailed the exposure of the Spy Den as the "Second Revolution”, and sent a message to the dedicated students to "hold fast the place which you have excellently taken”.
Alert and attentive as ever, with deep knowledge of the history of Iran and Islam, coupled with a foresight piercing the future, Imam Khomeini (RA), knew that this revolutionary step nipped in the bud any stealthy move by the scheming Americans to repeat the coup they had carried out 26 years earlier in 1953 to topple the nationalist government of Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq.
Dr. Mosaddeq, who had erred in parting ways with the ulema and the religious masses, was deceived by the U.S. into believing that it could be a good substitute for crafty Britain – a misplaced judgment which the devilish Americans exploited to unseat him and hold Iran and the Iranians hostage for over a quarter century through their puppet, the rootless, unrepresentative and upstart Pahlavi Shah.
For the revolutionaries of 1979, however, whether students, ulema or statesmen, there was no question of misjudgment or miscalculation, in view of the fact that their Charismatic Leader had appropriately called the U.S, the "Great Satan”.
It means the devil can never be trusted and could resort to any temptation to deceive the naïve and the unsuspecting, since the knaves that make up the 5th column were already in his service.
That was the reason the Iranian students decided to act on the anniversary of a day on which the year before the Shah’s forces on the orders of the Americans had martyred several students holding a peaceful sit-in protest at Tehran University for return to Iran of Imam Khomeini, incidentally on the 14th anniversary of the exile of their beloved leader in 1964.
Thus, on November 4, 1979, by their lightning seizure of the Spy Den that caught several spies red-handed trying to shred top secret documents of the nefarious activities of the U.S. – which were later painstakingly pieced together and published to expose the satanic nature of the Americans – so rigorously did those young revolutionaries rub in the dust that crooked nose which had been poking in Iranian affairs ever since the CIA coup of 1953 that it hasn’t stopped bleeding, despite the passing of 40 years.
Uncle Sam’s bloodied nose looks so awful today that no amount of cosmetic surgery will ever set it right, whatever the gravity of Washington’s crimes, ranging from Saudi Arabia’s state terrorism in Yemen to the brutalizing of Palestinians by its other agent the illegal Zionist entity, and in between the seditious bid to seize Syria’s oilfields and incite the remnants of the Ba’thists and takfiri terrorists to indulge in violence in Iraq.
We have been saying from the day of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran under the guidance of that Sage of the Age, that the Yankees do not have any principles or morals, and nothing is fair in their affairs, whether it is the regularly rigged elections for the presidency, or their dealings with the free world. In other words, the U.S. cannot do a damn thing”.
This famous statement of the Father of the Islamic Revolution continues to hold true forty years later, as the incumbent in the White House – whether you call him Donald the Dotard or Trump the Terrorist – is beginning to realize on the failure of his economic terrorism against Iran following his criminal violation of the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action) on the Islamic Republic’s right to peaceful nuclear energy.       
Those who have greater faith in the devil rather than trust in God Almighty, might say that it was wrong to seize the so-called American embassy in Tehran, by pointing out how the U.S. had imposed the devastating 8-year war on Iran through Saddam of Baghdad’s repressive Ba’th minority regime, and how it continues to clamp ‘painful’ economic sanctions on the Islamic Republic for refusing to bow to its dictates to wind up the peaceful nuclear programme and to dismantle all its defences.
True, Iran may have suffered loss of life and material wealth because of the unwanted war and the illegal sanctions, but on closer scrutiny, the fact cannot be denied that these sacrifices were essential for the emergence of a powerful and politically independent Islamic Iran, whose clout today prevails throughout the region in the interests of the oppressed masses and against the designs of terrorists of all hue and colour, while it is the U.S. and its agents who continue to suffer setback after setback – if not outright defeat.
This was the reason, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on Sunday, November 3, in his meeting with students on the eve of the historic 13th of Aban, brushing aside the idea of any negotiations with Washington, called the American politicians "liars, untrustworthy, deceitful and backstabbers.”
He rightly reiterated that "the no negotiations policy is based on a firm logic. It blocks the enemy’s infiltration, shows the world the greatness of the Islamic Republic, and destroys the pretensions to greatness of the U.S. in the eyes of the world. The idea that negotiations will solve the problems is one hundred percent wrong.”
To sum up, the free world rightly feels indebted to the Islamic Republic for delivering them from the tentacles of the U.S., whose nose now appears to be on the verge of being cut off for good as calls grow in Iraq for closure of the American Den of Espionage and Sedition in Iraq.

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