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New Islamic Civilization
In the path to the New Islamic Civilization
Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution has had many causes and effects. The following article reviews both the causes that led to the formation of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and also touches upon some of its effects.
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Women’s right to political participation
The Islamic Revolution and women’s right to political participation
Throughout human history, the issue of women’s political participation has always been a recurrent theme that has undergone fluctuating status. It took many years and at times decades for even great revolutions to actualize and fulfill the political participation of women. The present article attempts to investigate the issue of the political participation of women in the 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran.
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Islamic Revolution
Islamic Revolution of Iran threatens US imperial interests
Iran regained control over its sovereign independence and natural resources, the US no longer able to plunder them. For Iran and its people, there’s no turning back to control by a repressive foreign power and its installed puppet regime.
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Iran’s Scientific Progress
Islamic Revolution Spurred Iran’s Scientific Progress
The recent successful testing of a sophisticated satellite launcher by Iran during the ongoing Ten-Day Dawn celebrations marking the 42nd anniversary of the triumph of the Islamic Revolution was indeed a significant achievement that has again surprised the big powers, especially archenemy US, whose sanctions have failed to undermine the steady march of the Iranian nations towards the pinnacle of progress
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The common western view of women
The common western view of women entails turning them into commodities & objects
On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Hazrat Zahra (pbuh), Imam Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, stated, “Contrary to the Western view of women, which looks at women as commodities and objects, Islam considers women to be respectable beings with divine values.”
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Iran Islamic Revolution Achievements
Stem Cells
In 1990s, researches began on stem cells in Iran and, with the foundation of Royan Research Institute in 1991, these researches were continued more seriously so that the Islamic Republic of Iran is considered among the top nations and ranks 4th in Asia in this field.
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Why Is the West Afraid
Why Is the West Afraid of Iranian Space Rocket Tests?
Iran sent into space a new satellite launcher, achieving its “most powerful rocket engine.” Videos and reports showed the “successful” test of the hybrid satellite carrier, dubbed Zuljanah.
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