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Persian literatures history
Parvin Etesami; Shining jewel in Persian literatures history
Parvin Etesami was a prominent poet in Iranian literature and poetry who based on her adherence to traditional literature, composed poems with moral and educational themes and religious, political and social themes.
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Opportunity of Women Day
Womens Day: an opportunity to commemorate female victims of terrorism
The Second Meeting of "Empowerment of Women Victims of Terrorism; the Necessity for Future of Human" was held at Allameh Tabatabai University in-person and via webinar , paying tribute to women victims of terrorism.
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Iranian Women’s Progress
Iranian Women’s Progress Indebted to Islamic Teachings
It is an undeniable fact that no other religion has granted women such extensive rights as Islam, with Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) himself emphasizing their role in society in accordance with the commandments of the Almighty Creator.
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The Messiah (AS)
If the Messiah (AS) were among us
The recent visit to Iraq of Pope Francis, although it was a fascinating piece of news for the world media, what made it more significant for many news outlets was the meeting of Chief of the Catholic sect of Christianity with Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Sistani
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Persian tradition
Persian tradition played central role in Islamic mysticism
A professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Duke University says that the Persian tradition played a pivotal role in development of mysticism (Erfan) in the Muslim world.
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Iran Attraction
Four Seasons Bathhouse of Arak
The Four Seasons (Chahar Fasl) Bathhouse, which used to be the largest bathhouse of Iran, is located in the city of Arak in Markazi province, central Iran.
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Stop Demolition
Stop Demolition of Palestinian Community
UN human rights experts have called on the Zionist regime to immediately end its efforts to demolish a Palestinian village in the northern Jordan Valley and allow the residents to live undisturbed on their lands.
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