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Iranian Jameh Mosque

Iranian Jameh Mosque of Farumad in pictures

Iranian Jameh Mosque of Farumad captivates 

the visitors with rare centuries-old tiles 

and stucco decorations.

Jameh Mosque of Farumad, one of the oldest buildings in the Iranian village of Farumad, has a fascinating architecture that can keep you mesmerized for hours. 


 The mosque dates back to the 7th century Islamic calendar and the era of Iran’s Khwarazmian dynasty.

Farumad is one of the rarest mosques that holds stunning stucco decorations, patterns and tiles dated back to 4th to 7th century Islamic calendar.

There are speculations that the mosque has been built on a fire temple and was developed and decorated in the Ilkhanid era.

The historical site that is located in Iranian province of Semnan is one of the wonders of the country. The mosque has two Mihrabs (altar), one was used in summer and the other in winter.


Farumad is a village in Farumad Rural District, in the Central District of Meyami County, Semnan Province, Iran.


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