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New Book

The way to understand the Quran ( Tamil Language )

Wisdom Society is getting a name in publishing a small book called how to understand the Quran. The answer given to some questions started with the teacher of this book was recorded and then recorded. This release is its Tamil form itself.

The excessive interest in learning the Qur " an today is welcome. First the author insists that anyone can read and understand the Quran. However, he has pointed out some important aspects that those who are trying to learn the Quran should take attention.

The first thing to be noticed is that the Quran is in Arabic language and it is the Arabic language of the Prophet"s time. He tried to explain with examples that the words / phrases and apps used in the Quran should be understood in the language case of the old society and not to understand the present dictionary or the current language cases ;;

The author clearly explains the disasters in teaching self meaning to the Holy Quran verses and doing business based on own opinion. The necessity of focusing on the background given by the verses is also emphasized.

This book has controlled many more rare guidelines.

Professor Saheed Behes; served as Iran"s first law president after The Islamic Revolution. The manufacturer of the political yab of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Tapseer / Bigh. He had subconscious knowledge in fields like Kalam. He is more involved in many languages and literature like Arab / Parasikam / French / Dutch. The students who learned from him are effectively excelling in knowledge and spiritual works in many parts of the world today




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