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Seventh International Student Short Film Festival
Seventh International Student Short Film Festival

Seventh International Student Short Film Festival

Broadcasting University of Islamic Republic of Iran

Broadcasting University of Islamic Republic of Iran (IRIB University) will hold the Seventh International Student Short Film Festival in December 2016. The aim of this festival, inviting filmmaker students to explore and research on important issues that our todays world is faced with serious challenges.

Festival will hold at the IRIB University in Tehran, capital city of Iran. Topics of festival are as follows:

·         Role if successful Muslims in the spread of holy Islam.

·         Human rights in the Quran and the tradition.

·         Unity of religions.

·         Excommunicating Islam and its dangers.

·         Martyrs shrine.

·         Supreme Leader’s letter to Europe’s youth.

This section covers the following trends:

·         Documentary.

·         Animated movie.

The best work in each category will be awarded a prize of 1,500 dollars.

Festival Calendar:

Registration deadline at the festival site: December 3, 2016.

Arbitration works: December  5, 2016.

Notification (selection of submitted works): 10 December, 2016.

The festival takes places from: December 11 to December 13, 2016.

General Rules and Conditions

·         Director or directors must be students. There is no limit on the field of study and trends.

·         Director or directors should fill festivals form in addition to the letter from university based on being university student. These documents should be uploaded on the festival site.

·         The maximum duration of work must be 30 minutes.

·         If film made in a language other than English, it is necessary to have English subtitles.

·         Since the works will be presented to the Persian audience in Iran, It is necessary to present a version without subtitles.

·         Films must refrain from showing nudity and sex scenes.

·         Format of films must be at least full HD and their codec must be Mpeg2 or H.264.

·         Films must be uploaded on the festival site.

·         A photo of the creator or creators and two photos of behind the scenes must be provided.

·         The festival can show part or parts of submitted films in internal and external networks owned by IRIB broadcasts and Radio.

·         Hotel accommodation and catering of submitted film’s director is under responsibility of festival.

Address site to register and upload videos: festival.iribu.ac.ir

Email: festival@iribu.ac.ir

Secretariat of Seventh International Student Short Film Festival, IRIB University, Niyayesh Highway, Vali-e-Asr street, Tehran, Postal code: 19359/1746.



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