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Imam Khameneis question from some of the world’s crude oil producers
The question I asked was this, "Now suppose that instead of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, etc., oil was in the hands of the United States, Britain, Italy, and some other European countries and we wanted to buy oil from them." I asked them, “Would they be willing to sell us even a drop of oil?!
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Leader Opinion
12 truths about the westernized individuals Utopia: The United States of America
In a video conference with cabinet members on August 23, 2020, Imam Khamenei called the Western model of management a failed model. In listing some of the problems of the United States as the peak of Western capitalism, Imam Khamenei stated, "This place is the utopia of westernized individuals! This is the same utopia that westernized individuals look at as a point of reference and as a utopia.
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Leader Opinion
Books are important like food is
Imam Khamenei continuously emphasizes that all individuals in society should read books. He considers reading to be as necessary for the soul as food is for the body. If this is instilled in society, it can be one of the best means for human beings to reach perfection.
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The UAE-Israeli Connection: Who Benefits from All This?
The normalization of relations between countries in the Arab world and Israel is an extraordinary event, and therefore signing the peace agreements with the UAE and Bahrain there is something that all these materials have in common: the normalization of relations at this stage and how it was done, first of all, is in the interests of Tel Aviv.
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head of I.C.R.O
Iran official urges OIC to follow Ulemas views normalization of ties with Israel
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation should follow the fatwa by the Islamic scholars on the rejection of any normalizing of relations with the Zionist regime, said the head of Iran’s Islamic Culture and Communication Organization Abuzar Ebrahimi-Torkman.
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Powerful Culture
Iran home to one of oldest, deepest cultures
Andre Vltchek a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker, and journalist has described Iran as home to one of the oldest and deepest cultures in the world that helps Iranian people to survive the most frightening moments.
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Sistan and Baluchestan: Home to Wide Variety of Traditional Bread, Pastry
Sistan and Baluchestan province in southeastern Iran is one of the country’s most amazing and panoramic areas, and home to a whole variety of tropical fruits and local foods.
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